A General Guide For Travelling To Cozumel

Cozumel, is an island located just south of Cancun, Mexico's eastern side, the Yucatan Peninsula. Nevertheless, this small Caribbean island has become a remarkably popular destination, welcoming over 2,500,000 visitors each year. This makes it among the very popular, indeed, significant tourist destinations in Mexico.

Cozumel is now easily reachable by flight since it's an international airport with many direct flights from Mexico, USA, and Cuba. As an alternative, the island can be reached by ferry which takes about 45 minutes from Playa del Carmen.

Bus services run from the airport in Cancun, to Playa del Carmen and then through the ferry service to Cozumel.  If you are planning to do scuba diving then you can refer this source "Cozumel Scuba Diving Instructors – Exclusive Scuba Packages in Mexico"

The bus trip from Cancun airport takes approximately 45 minutes too. However, your general journey time will depend on waiting times. Another popular means to arrive in Cozumel is by cruise ship, with many cruise liners sailing into Cozumel daily stopovers.

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As you envision a Caribbean island vacation, laying on a nice white sandy beach, relaxing in sunlight, this is precisely what Cozumel can offer with many resorts across the shore. The west side beaches are the most popular since they're protected by their proximity to the mainland.

However, this leaves the eastern beaches quiet and secluded if that's your preference. Just beware of swimming off the eastern shores as ammunition can be very dangerous. Further, you will realize that sea turtles nest on the eastern beaches during summer.

As a result of this strong tourist sector, you'll be spoilt with a choice of shops, pubs, restaurants, hotels, and resorts. You are able to use Mexican pesos or US dollars to pay in Cozumel. Tipping is common practice in Cozumel.

Watersports, particularly scuba diving, are very popular in Cozumel, with a number of other water sports activities around the island made simple with plenty of places to employ gear required. Cozumel also caters to many walks of life, be it the complete luxury hotel through the cheap hostel or bed and breakfast.

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