DePuy Attune Knee Studies

From the Journal of Knee Surgery (June 2017) nine notable orthopedic surgeons–the writers — reported that an unusually high-rate of early failures of their Attune Knee System.

 The surgeons blamed the failures into the de-bonding of their tibial implant-cement interface. If you want to know more about DePuy Knee Lawyer | Lawyers for DePuy Knee Failure then click right here.

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To put it differently, the surgeons found the”adhesive” typically utilized to maintain an implant in the area doesn’t”stick” satisfactorily to the tibial part of this attune knee system. Because of this, the tibial part of this attune knee system loosens, and the whole knee replacement is destabilized.

The authors reviewed clinical, radiographic and intraoperative findings for individuals that obtained the attune program and after demanded revision surgery.

Any company which makes something, irrespective of if it is a medical apparatus, clothes, as well as food you purchase at the supermarket, may issue a recall on their own products if they think that something may be wrong with it. This type of remember is called a voluntary recall.

There are five unique types of recalls that can be issued from the FDA. Depuy knee replacements would be the subject of a course one. Recall. That’s the most serious kind of recall. This means that the FDA considers the usage of these knee replacements can create significant health issues or even departure.

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