Different Workouts for Losing Weight Fast

Courtesy-Shape Magazine

Before jumping into the weight loss routine it is important for you to know that exercise isn’t for losing weight only. It benefits our mental health, boosts immunity and improves sleep. Now that we have that down, let’s get into the exercises for weight loss.

Here are 3 workouts that help you lose weight fast:

1. Interval Training

Experts turn to this method all the time as it is considered to be the best way to lose weight fast. Adding intervals to your routine increases your metabolism; all you need to do is add intense periods in your regular workout routine. For instance, if you walk for half an hour, adding a 30 second burst jog every 5 minutes make you lose weight fast. This way you can reset the way your metabolism works, increasing your metabolism rate slightly with each interval.

2. Weight Training

This is another effective way of losing weight fast. When you are lifting weight, whether it’s your body weight or with additional weights, you can drop pounds. Your resting metabolic rate is expected to increase with weight training. What this means basically, is that you can burn calories hours after your workout session as well.

3. Boot Camp

Boot camps combine cardio and strength exercises for an all-day elevated metabolism. Many Fitness Boot Camps in Thailand offer weight loss programs that have amazing results. If you are new to the boot camps, talk to your instructor and find out whether you need cardio or strength. If you are able to get through the complete routine without any difficulty then either it is too easy for you or you aren’t doing it right.

Exercises help greatly in weight loss however there are other factors that play an important role as well. Your diet and water intake have a direct impact on the effectiveness of your workout routine. So make sure you have a balanced diet to counter the workouts. 

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