Expert Guide To The Main Shopping Areas In Madrid

Europe's fourth largest capital, Madrid is up there with London, Paris, and Milan as a shopping destination, and you'll find leading European chains on its streets alongside international designers and specialist shops. Often more intriguing for tourists is to search out the smaller boutiques which are uniquely Spanish.

The guide below provides an idea of a few of the main shopping areas and also what you can expect to find there. Two of the best shopping places for clothing in town are Salamanca which has the most expensive boutiques, and famous Chueca which provides cutting-edge fashion shops.

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Madrid has a fashion sense to rival Milan and Paris and you won't be disappointed by the range of global designer wear on offer in the town center. You can get an idea for shopping in Madrid via or other similar sources.

Most Shoppers will end up between Sol and Gran Via along the Calle Preciados. This has long been the traditional center for shopping in town. There is a good selection of national chain stores here and you should be able to find anything you need such as souvenirs – but don't let this put you off exploring the city for much more interesting options.

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