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Enjoy Entertainment at the Hollywood Casino Columbus

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Enjoy Entertainment at the Hollywood Casino Columbus

Known for its high-end gaming and entertainment options, the Hollywood Casino Columbus offers a range of choices for both novice and experienced players. With a wide variety of action, poker games, casino games, and live shows, it is easy to find the perfect escape for you to start off your day with.

From the ultra popular Jack Nicklaus Signature Poker Game to its recently introduced Celebrity Poker Game, it offers something for everyone. Poker nights are the perfect way to begin your evening of relaxation at the Hollywood Casino Columbus. Its relaxing atmosphere and available entertainments help to relax your nerves before diving into a night of stud poker. Those who prefer to play poker or casino poker have plenty of choice in the way of the latest live shows.

The Vegas Vacation of a Lifetime takes place throughout the year at the Hollywood Casino and offers guests a chance to experience the nightlife of Las Vegas during their stay. From the daily shows of the Savoy to live music, casino games, and casino tables, the hotel and casino’s live show options are guaranteed to please. Playing poker during these shows will be an exciting, yet challenging experience that will offer your guests many hours of entertainment.

After you are done with the Vegas Vacation of a Lifetime at the Hollywood Casino, you can enjoy an array of poker games, poker tournaments, and video poker machines. It offers all of the excitement of an actual casino, without the high pressure of playing for real money. Also, with its own in house blackjack table, there is plenty of competition and excitement in the casino area. For a great casino night, be sure to plan ahead and arrive early.

With such a range of entertainment options available, whether you want to gamble or watch a show, there is never a dull moment at the Hollywood Casino Columbus. Book your reservation early to ensure that you have a slot for all of your entertainment needs.

When you do make your reservation at the Hollywood Casino Columbus, you will find a range of excellent dining options. From gourmet food from popular gourmet chefs to lunch buffets, to simple dishes and a variety of wines, there is something for everyone. A comfortable room with a private bathroom is available upon request for those who would like to de-stress and have a nice, relaxing evening or night of entertainment.

To add to the entertainment options offered at the Hollywood Casino Columbus, you can also choose to dine at one of the many restaurants that are featured. From the flagship restaurant, to Mexican, to Asian, you will find a variety of food choices to fit your taste buds. Whether you are looking for a quick bite or a full meal, there is a good deal of variety for you to choose from.

From the famous Hollywood Boulevard to the expansive casino floor, there is something for everyone at the Hollywood Casino Columbus. From poker and movie theater to dinner and live entertainment, there is always something happening at the Hollywood Casino Columbus.