Immigration Law – Dual Citizenship

In accordance to the UK Immigration Law, an immigrant who obtained a British citizenship may not need to give up their nationality in order to have dual citizenship. Some countries do not recognise a dual citizenship status and they may have to give up their former nationality and sometimes a British citizenship is not recognized by a country of the immigrant.

But in many countries, dual citizenship presents both countries’ privileges. Any individual who contemplates in acquiring a British citizenship must be aware of the rules or laws of their own country. Hiring the right immigration law firm is the perfect solution to the complex immigration problems.

You’ll find British taxpayers that eventually became a citizen of some other country without quitting their nationality.  But, there are cases where a few states ask that you renounce your British citizenship to be able to attain citizenship within their nation.

For people with specialties with the Republic of Ireland they will have the possibility to maintain their citizenship or may have a double citizenship. The British taxpayers can gain access to the aid of the British consuls should they’ve problems from homelike should they become sick, or a casualty of felony, detained or perpetrated a crime, and sometimes even acquiring the help of repaying into a brand new nation.

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The British consulate will require crucial actions for almost all of those common problems to secure their citizens.  When a person has double citizenship, nevertheless, they might possibly not be granted an British consulate assistance whenever they’re inside their country of source.  But in the event the patient travels into their own country of source and renounced their citizenship into this nation, then they’ll soon be allowed to find support from the British embassy.

They ought to write for the Commonwealth Office or some Australian office they require such aid plus they also must prove they have indeed renounced their citizenship in their own country of source and reveal their own British passport and records they are British taxpayers based on their UK law enforcement.

It is important however, that the individual must be at least eighteen years of age or older, or younger than eighteen but married and must have a normal mental state for their own welfare. If they are resolved to give up their British citizenship, they must fill out and sign a document called the RN1. The British citizenship will be relinquished by the time it is registered. If a British citizen fails to attain a new citizenship after six months, they will still be a British citizen.

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