Information about Partner Visa

The new partner visa applications have been released from 1st July 2009 replacing the older spouse visas. So as to acquire a spouse visa in Australia, there are particular aspects that will need to be taken into consideration by the people involved.

Information about Partner Visa

This country has strict immigration laws that are intended to curtail the influx of immigrants from different countries. These laws are supposed to defend the interests of the Australians and the nation at large.

In case the husband secures employment in this country and granted a work permit, he can lawfully procure a license for his spouse upon fulfilling certain requirements as deemed necessary by the Australian department of immigration.

However, there are particular documents which ought to be attached to the application for a visa. All the files should be confirmed by the department of immigration for additional consideration.

A legal marriage certificate or some other document showing that the two individuals are we ought to be attached to the visa application form. There are a number of unscrupulous immigrants who wish to get visas through the use of fake documents.

Married couples are thoroughly vetted in order to establish if they're genuine couples.

Your spouse should undergo a thorough medical checkup so as to make certain she's not suffering from any chronic illness. Australia is very particular about maintaining high standards of health. All immigrants should undergo HIV and AIDS tests before they're granted visas to this country.

The husband should also provide evidence of income to demonstrate he is going to have the ability to provide for his spouse during the period they will remain in this country.  

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