Islands near Bedarra worth Seeing


When on a vacation, it’s not only the destination that matters, the surrounding areas, and their features also matter. Rarely do people go to a place and only enjoy amenities offered by the resort or hotel. They want to get out and explore the nearby areas. This stands true in regards to Bedarra Islands. Since Bedarra belongs to the ‘Family of Islands’, nearby, there are eleven other islands, of which seven are big ones, including Bedarra Island.  

Bedarra Island Family

Dunk Island – Known as the Father island (Bedarra being the Mother) of the ‘family of islands’, Dunk Island is only 4 km away from mainland Australia. It is renowned for its exotic bird population. Its popularity amongst tourists rivals Bedarra island.

Wheeler & Coombe Island – These islands are considered to be the twins of the family owing to their similarity and proximity to each other. Both islands are ecologically sensitive, and visits and camping have to be booked in advance with permission.

Smith Island, Bowden Island and Hudson Island – These three islands are considered to be the triplets. These islands too are ecologically sensitive with only limited visits per week. They are good places to have a short picnic,

The other smaller islands in the ‘family’ are Kumboola, Mound Island, Thorpe Island, WolnGarin, and Battleship Rock.

Therefore, on your vacation to East Bedarra Island Resort, you can also check out these nearby islands.   

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