Principles of Organic Farming


With organic foods on high demand, it is important to understand why farmers prefer organic farming method compared to others. These are some of the important principles of Organic Farming.

  • Principle of Fairness –The term ‘Fairness’ is all about maintaining justice by been equal between other living species and humans. Organic farming has reduced poverty in a great way providing good quality of life. Organic farming also makes sure that natural resources are used properly and effectively.
  • Principle of Care – Organic farming is a technique which is practiced to save the environment. Compared to other agriculture techniques, organic farming does not use synthetic chemicals. Instead, it uses natural compounds to keep the soil in top-shape which in turn provides nutrients to the crops.
  • Principle of Health – Standard of soil, humans, plants and the environment must be high through organic farming. This makes sure the cycle of life is not disturbed. Also, it reduces pollution along with the use of chemicals. This keeps us in good shape.
  • Principle of Ecological Balance – Organic farming technique should be based on ecological systems. This will help to maintain all the cycles naturally.

Now you know the important principles of organic farming. With these principles kept in mind, there are companies that provide organic fruit and vegetable delivery in Brisbane and other parts of Australia.

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