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Rising Star Casino Resort

The Rising Star Casino Resort is one of the finest nightlife destinations in Hong Kong. The hotel is located right next to the Four Seasons Hotel and offers spectacular views of the surrounding scenic locations.

rising star casino resort rising sun

Located on the eastern shore of Hong Kong Island, the casino resort features the spectacular Chao Phraya River, and the scenic East Shore. The Casino Plaza is a thrilling ride along the Chao Phraya River, which flows through the hotel. The hotel also features the Esplanade, a place where one can find a large selection of restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues. This is a great way to spend your afternoon.

The hotel features several fun and exciting activities for visitors, such as Skybilliards, Laser Tag, and indoor arcades. There are several cafes and restaurants serving delicious and hearty food, and a few world class night clubs. Every night there is a special Karaoke night, where the crowd consists of couples and people who have come to watch a karaoke performance.

The casino resort also features many fine dining restaurants. The restaurant Seaworthy is a five star restaurant, known for its fresh and mouth-watering seafood dishes. The hotel also features the World Bar, a world class entertainment and bar establishment.

The Rising Star Casino Resort has all the latest technology and entertainment options for its guests. A room can be booked online, with the number of visitors being accommodated, and the time it will take for the room to be delivered.

For its casino guests, the Rising Star Casino Resort provides everything a player would need to enjoy their gaming experience. The casino offers slot machines, video poker machines, bingo, roulette, blackjack, and a casino cafe.

Rising star casino resort rising sun For the discerning casino guests, the Rising Star Casino Resort provides a full and complete casino experience. In fact, the hotel offers a casino room rate, and packages that include each of the above mentioned services.