Science Based Ketox Is A Ketogenic Diet Plan

The ketogenic diet is a scientifically designed high-fat eating plan, during which only very low amounts of carbohydrates are consumed. In the absence of dietary carbohydrates, the insulin levels in the blood significantly drop. As a result, the body taps its own stored fats and uses those, in the form of ketones, as the primary energy source. Growing numbers of scientific reports state that ketones are much cleaner source of energy than carbohydrates because they do not promote blood sugar fluctuations as most simple sugars do. As a result of following a ketogenic diet, people report having more sustained energy throughout the day, as well as losing a significant amount of extra body weight. Additionally, physicians believe that ketones are the preferred source of energy by our brain since they reduce brain fog and promote mental clarity.

The Science Based Ketox diet from is a ketogenic program offered by Thomas DeLauer. The VIP Total Transformation Ketox Kit of the Science Based Ketox includes 3-phase Keto Diet Meal Plan, The Ketox Express Cookbook, Video Series related to the program, 3-month supply of Premium Keto-Friendly Coffee, 3-month supply of Green Detox, which is developed to cleanse the body and flush out fats from the system; Ignite TDX Exercise course, and Lifetime Jump Start Facebook Group Access. The kit sells for a discounted price of $197. Shipping and handling are free of charge. Thomas DeLauer and the team of Green Detox coaches suggest to always consult a physician, before beginning this or any other exercise, supplement or nutrition program.

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