Six ways to get you back on your health kick

In today's world where we are always on-the-go, with all the will in the world it can be challenging to maintain a health kick and easy to slip back into convenient ways.  But remember you did it once. Here are six simple ideas to get your brain focused on being healthy again. To help you get going again consult

1. How about a food diary?

If you start to record what you are eating, your brain is now focused on the fact that this is something you are taking seriously, and also how embarrassing is it to write down in black and white 'Bag of Potato Chips' when you are dieting!

2. Fall in love with cooking

Stop the microwave meals and ordering food to the door.  Choosing healthy options, learning new recipes and executing them is a huge feel-good factor.

3. Just say 'NO.'

If someone offered you a cigarette when you don't smoke you'd say 'No' well right now you don't eat cake, so if someone offers you cake think of it like a cigarette and just say 'NO' and a bonus is you won't have to deal with guilty feelings later in the day.

4. Get protein

Protein is good for the body to send signals to the brain saying you're satiated between meals. Lean meat, eggs and nuts are rich in proteins, so try to incorporate as much as possible, chicken is the kingpin through the day, breast of course not leg.

5. When the snack urge arises – stop and ask yourself a question

Next time you reach for the cupboard for something that is not on the healthy list, ask yourself 'Am I hungry enough to eat a banana' if the answer is yes then eat a banana if the answer is 'no' then your not hungry at all.

6. Why skip meals to lose weight?

People who think skipping meals will lose weight are the ones that rebound twice as bad as they were before dieting, eat regularly throughout the day to keep your metabolism working that's how your body naturally burns fat.

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