The Drawbacks Of A Clay Tile Roof

A lot of men and women adore their clay tile roofs since they add exceptional curb appeal and value, and come in an unlimited variety of colors and styles.

They’re also admired for how long they could continue before being substituted. Their durability is mostly as a result of their immunity to insects, fire, and inclement weather, in addition to, their anticorrosive and insulating properties. If you are interested to know more about the ‘Roof ventilation’  (Which is also known as ‘ระบายอากาศบนหลังคา’ in the Thai language )then you may check out various online resources.

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Among the biggest drawbacks about lava roofs is their own weight. Materials are extremely heavy, making the task more difficult, more tedious, and much more dangerous. Because of this, labor is more expensive and the occupation takes more than standard reroofing jobs.

Many existing roofs need additional roof function to include extra support to defy the burden of the clay. Another frequent drawback is their fragility.

Clay can quickly crack and break, which may increase the entire price of the job when a few tiles have been dropped to hurt. As soon as they are installed, clay roof tiles may also readily break from all kinds of impacts, causing them to be amended frequently.


There are lots of roofing materials available on the marketplace which are created to mimic the appearance of a high-end roof, for example, clay tile, wood, and much more.

Speak with your licensed roofing contractor for reliable advice and help when deciding on a brand new roof for your residence or construction. One such case of a favorite option to clay tiles is concrete tiles and stone-coated steel roofs.

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