The Science Behind Successful Websites

SEO and quality content is what separates a website's success from its failure. SEO provides a website with exposure while quality content increases the overall chances of achieving results. The lack of either will usually result in a failed website. 

The SEO basics

Search engines are online programs designed to help people navigate the Internet and find products, services or general information without a direct URL. The engines work by allowing people to search the Internet with one or more keywords and uses them to find the most recent and relevant information. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is both the art and science behind increasing the number of a certain website's visitors. The goal of SEO is nothing more than getting your site on the top of the engine's list.

Most keywords or phrases typed into an engine will produce hundreds of thousands of results. Although the number of results per page varies from engine to engine, the average is ten. Since most people will never look at search results beyond the first one or two pages, the sites that appear within the first twenty results end up with a staggering majority of potential customers. This is one of the reasons why experienced website owners make use of SEO companies.

Without SEO, the product or service a website offers becomes virtually meaningless since nobody is likely to go there. A website could be offering immortality and it would make no difference. Customers can only buy a product they can see on the shelf.

Quality is a must

As a web designer (see website designer in Edinburgh for additional information) this key fact means a range of things, please allow for me to explain further.  SEO companies do more than simply generate traffic. They also help to ensure a website's positive image by providing quality content. If the written content on a website seems fabricated, poorly researched, uses the wrong tone or is full of spelling and grammatical errors, customers are unlikely to trust the company with their personal information and will usually quit the company. This is a nightmare for website owners and in order to avoid it, they use SEO companies to attain high quality content that is accurate, unique and uses the desired marketing tone.

Website owners could take these matters into their own hands but it is not usually a good idea for them to do so. This is true for two reasons: the site owner would be competing with SEO professionals and would be taking time away from other critical site responsibilities. This is a lot of trouble just to save a few dollars. Some things are simply better left in the hands of capable professionals.

Good SEO and quality content are crucial to a website's presentation. Both must be used in conjunction in order to achieve success. Just about everybody online is using search engines to help find what they are looking for and almost never travel any further than the first couple of pages of results. SEO companies specialize in both bringing the customers into the store and increasing the odds that the customer will leave with the product or service the site is offering.

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