Tips to Make Your Office Move Successful

Most people will experience a house move several times during their life and will come to understand the difficulties and stress it can cause. Moving office can be just as difficult, and in some cases even more stressful if you don't plan it correctly.

Removalists can certainly help you with the details so don't forget to get them involved at the earliest stage possible. Depending on the size of the move and the number of staff involved, it takes careful and meticulous planning to work out the logistics and you often need to hire specialists who can assist in the planning process.

Plan the move well in advance. Relocating to new office premises will involve a painstaking process of examining potential spaces and making sure there is adequate room for existing staff plus room for expansion if necessary.

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The point is that you need several months to plan a move properly so that all staff can be involved in the process through regular meetings. Make sure all your stationery, websites and other advertising material have been updated to include your new address and phone numbers.

Notify all of your suppliers, customers and business partners well in advance and send out reminders as the date draws near. Appoint your removalist company months in advance and, where appropriate, use their logistical managers to assist you in the planning process.

This will involve meticulously planning where each desk and every other piece of office furniture and equipment will be placed to ensure that the removalists know exactly where everything is going.

Make sure each staff member is given a checklist of tasks to perform in the days leading up to the move. Be prepared for the unexpected. 

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