Top 4 Things Your Painting Contractor Might Not Tell You

1. The savings coupons don't really save you any money.

If I offer a coupon for $200 off an exterior, you might want to ask yourself: "$200 off what"? The solution isn't so straightforward. Pricing work on an exterior (for example) is based on the metric of square feet of living area. Find out more details about painting workshops at

Top 4 Things Your Painting Contractor Might Not Tell You

2. The "as low as $400 for an exterior" is a bait.

If you really need to hunt down clients that need the illusion of wonderful value for flat-rate costs, look no farther from the arsenal of marketing gimmicks than this one. We price then and up discount with the voucher, or we cost down to go up with the lure.

3. Name recognition does not guarantee we are better.

We might invest heavily in advertising to offer you a perception that we have to be good, and then pass down the costs to you. However, there is the mother–and-pops which may be just like the popular ones.

4. Most of our warranties are worthless.

They're too short in length of coverage. Problems, if do they arise, usually start after that small time period. Many of the warranties insist that you supply the paint for our mistakes. We have to insist, and rightly so, that paint peeling off a surface is not our responsibility if it is caused by something beyond our control, but we will lose a lot of money if we reasonably backed up our ineptitude with a full repaint.

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