Travel towards the Northern Cebu

There are endless of times that the worry of the city life can be all scarier for anybody. Amid these circumstances, a great street trek might be the best treatment you can have. In this way, we recorded various spots you can visit on the off chance that you expect to go on a street trek toward the northern parts of the island of Cebu.


The town of Carmen was initially called Bugho, yet miscommunication between an inhabitant and a Spanish explorer changed the name to Carmen. As per stories, the Spaniard approached a lady for the name of the place. The lady thought the Spaniard was requesting the name of the neckband she was wearing and addressed "Birhen sa Carmen". The most popular vacation destination of Carmen is the Durano Eco Farm and Spring Resort. The place highlights common spring pools perfect for individuals who are delicate to chlorine.

Another tourist spot local people and guests can anticipate in the town of Carmen is the Cebu Safari Tour, which is relied upon to be open by January or February 2018. The 100-hectare improvement is owned by Michel J. Lhuillier and will be the greatest zoo in the whole archipelago. The zoo will highlight various creatures including zebras, white tigers, steeds, giraffes, flamingos, and vultures, among others.


Danao is additionally known for its sugar industry. Indeed, one resort in the city is named after the old strategy for processing sugar stick, which is called "intosan." The old railroad used to move sugar stick from Danao to the port of Cebu. Since you are as of now in Danao, you can likewise attempt some of their nearby treats, the tinap-anan, kiseo and kasahos. ThAnannap-anan is smoked fish cooked with ginger and vinegar before it is flame broiled. The Kiseo is likewise cheddar produced using carabao drain while the Kasahos is carabeef jerky.

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