Understanding And Treating Chronic Headaches

A chronic headache or ‘chronic regular headache’ is an unusual disorder. The healing name for this disorder is Hemicranias Continua. Even though the disorder is rare, it is totally curable.

This is the reason why it’s necessary to diagnose the illness correctly so it may be treated.  Researchers became conscious of the illness just after 1981. You can also navigate to https://www.neurologychildrens.com/headaches.html for chronic headaches treatment.


A range of individuals afflicted by this illness have been diagnosed since and it’s been revealed that the problem is seen more often in adult females since it’s observed in almost any other group of individuals.

The specific cause of the issue still has not been ascertained however excess physical exertion and alcohol intake appear to be significant causes.

Chronic headaches are usually misdiagnosed as chronic migraines.  In such situations, the patients don’t reply to the medication that’s prescribed for a chronic migraine.  That is why is it important to diagnose it properly so it may be treated promptly.

Most individuals who suffer from this illness usually have unilateral pain.  This usually means that the pain is on one side of their mind.  But some patients have bilateral pain.  It follows that addition to some dull pain that’s felt all of the time; the individual can also secure sudden stabs of sharp and popping pain.

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