What Does It Mean If I Have Galvanized Iron Pipe In My Home?

Galvanized its protective effect is stronger, strong corrosion resistance. The entire structure is made of zinc, Quaternary form dense crystals, the crystals formed on the steel sheet barrier layer, thereby effectively preventing the penetration of corrosive factors.

‘Galvanized iron pipe’ (Which is also known as ‘ท่อเหล็กชุบสังกะสี‘ in the Thai language) has wet, dry, lead, zinc, oxidation-reduction method. The main difference between the different methods of hot-dip galvanized steel pickling after cleaning, the method used to improve the activation of galvanized pipe surface quality.Image result for galvanized iron pipe Production is mainly used in dry and redox method, which is characterized in Table. Galvanized zinc coating surface is very smooth and dense, homogeneous; has good mechanical properties and corrosion resistance; zinc consumption 60% to 75% lower than the hot-dip galvanizing.

Electromagnetic properties, deep drawing properties. Tool steel with good wear resistance, ie resistance to wear. Good wear resistance, i.e., resistance to abrasion.

Tools to withstand considerable pressure and friction conditions can still maintain its shape and size constant, still, maintain their shape and size unchanged.

Galvanized square tube of two electric hot-dips galvanized and sherardized, hot dip galvanized rectangular tubes sherardized thickness, with coating uniformity, strong adhesion, long life and other advantages. Sherardized low cost, a surface is not very smooth, corrosion resistance than its own galvanized square tubes lot of difference.

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