Your Mood Can Affect Your Eating Choices

Eating healthy isn’t just about Lose Weight San Diego, it can also affect the way we feel.  Studies have shown when we are in a good mood we tend to choose foods on the healthier side and when we are feeling down or in a bad mood we are more likely to choose junk food.  Researchers believe when we are in a bad mood we unconsciously choose foods based on taste.  The foods we eat have direct effect on our bodies and our mental states and play direct roles in our dopamine and serotonin levels.

So what foods should you focus on?  Fruits and vegetables are the best choices for our best health.  I love to shop at my local farmers market, not only am I getting the freshest foods but I am also supporting local farmers and getting what is in season.  If you are purchasing a food item that comes with a label, make sure you read it!  If you can not pronounce the items listed, you probably want to stay away from it.  Try to find foods that do not contain GMO’s and are organic.  

You want to stay away from foods that are processed or contain ingredients which are not natural.  As much as I love the occasional cookie or muffin you want to try and stay away from refined sugars and carbs.  Although they can give you a quick boost of energy, it can also cause a spike and quick drop in blood sugar levels.  When this happens it can leave us feeling moody and lethargic.  Remember your choices affect many aspects of your health, your body will thank you for the right ones!     

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